FIFA is a nice touch

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FIFA is a nice touch

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At atomic one of those players will affection in Hunter's additional season, however. Cristiano Ronaldo is accepted for the additional season, alongside Atletico Madrid ablaze Antoine Griezmann, Bayern Munich fable Thomas Muller and Tottenham Hotspur's Dele Alli.

That doesn't beggarly you'll play for their corresponding clubs -- at least, it's not accepted -- but Rivera promises they'll appulse Hunter's career somehow. EA visited Ronaldo in Madrid to abduction his affinity and dialog, and while that's no agreement of acting prowess, Rivera hopes players will be afflicted by the results.

"He's a player-actor," Rivera says. "He's accomplishing so abounding commercials that he allegedly knows how to act, right? So, accepting that in The Journey just makes the bold richer. It's all about abacus added and we anticipate it's a nice touch."

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